Mouse Counselors 101


Welcome Letter

Imagine there is a young family entering the Magic Kingdom for the first time. The parents have saved for years to give themselves the opportunity to make lasting family memories. It’s 10:30am and they have already experienced 4 attractions and are now getting a quick bite at the Main Street Bakery. They witness other families arriving (late) and perusing their maps, discussing what FastPass is and wondering aloud where they want to have dinner.

Not our family.

Our Virtual Office

Taking advantage of online software developments has a number of benefits over traditional business IT and desktop software. Using the full suite of tools in our virtual office essentially places all of our data and entire workflow in the cloud, meaning you can access it all anywhere, any time, from any Internet connection.

Smartsheet Tutorial

As mentioned in your “Virtual Office” lesson, we utilize Smartsheets to track our bookings. There are four main purposes for which we rely upon Smartsheets. They are:

– Tracking Revenue and Expected Commission on both the agent and organizational level;
– Specifying the mailing address to which any travel documents are to be sent;
– Identifying to whom a commission belongs when it is received from a supplier; and
– Providing basic information about a booking in the event a client or a supplier contacts Mouse Counselors management with a question or issue.

The Mouse Agents Website

We here at Mouse Counselors have created Mouse Agents to provide support to the agents we have partnered with. We anticipate the content on the site to evolve constantly but, at its core, the site is made up of two distinct areas: these Courses & Lessons and your personalized agent “HUB” page.

Marketing Your Services

Besides having a substantial knowledge of Disney destinations, you will also need to market yourself in order to become a successful travel agent. In my experience, the agents who achieve the greatest amount of success are those who leverage their existing relationships in their marketing plan.

Do Your Family & Friends Already Have Trips Booked?

Complexity: Easy

Often times, agents who become Mouse Counselors will have friends and family who have already booked trips to Disney Destinations. In order to take over as the travel agent in this scenario, we generally have two options: a reservation transfer or a cancel and rebook.

Disney Commissions

Now that you have freshened up on each vacation package offered by Disney World, it’s time to dive in to the real nitty gritty of booking packages and room-only reservations.